The iPod Touch 4th Generation

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iPod Touch 4th Generation

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More Than Music

With the iPod Touch 4th Generation, the iPod has come a long way since the original helping that saved Apple from bankruptcy. It is more than just an mp3 player, rather, users can store up to 10,000 songs. The iPod Touch 4th Generation now comes equipped with same features as most top of the line smart phones. In fact, most iPod touch 4th generation owners are using it as a phone via a wireless connection. It has been very popular with teens and for those who don’t need all the features of an iPhone.

Share Your World

The  iPod Touch 4th Generation comes with two cameras, one on the front and one on the back. Both  record in High Definition. The back camera is great for taking both pictures and videos, which can easily be shared on the Internet. The front camera is best used for Apple’s FaceTime software which is a live video conferencing software that allows uses to both see and speak with friends at the same time. It is similar to the video chat feature that Skype uses.

Edit Videos On The Fly

Why wait to upload all the cool videos you record on your iPod?  The iPod Touch 4th Generation comes with a full featured version of Apple’s  iMovie. iMovie is Apple’s proprietary video editing software, mentally compare it to Windows Movie Maker, but realize that it’s easy and more intuitive to use. Record videos while you’re out living your life, edit them on the fly, and immediately share them with your friends. Perhaps you have just recorded the next YouTube sensation, edit with iMovie, and upload.

Screen Quality

The retina display makes everything pop off the screen and look real. Videos, pictures and movies all look stunning. Spec wise the 4th Generation iPod has a screen that produces 326 pixels per inch, this tight spacing of pixels is responsible for the rich colors and definition of the iPod screen. The screen also has a LED back light similar to that used by computer monitors, thus improving the viewability of the retina screen. The back lights can be adjusted for individual preference, and can be dimmed to preserve battery life.

Not Just For Personal Use

With AirPlay this iPod becomes more than just a personal music player. AirPlay express makes it easy to connect the iPod to large speakers and TV sets, so that you can share your music on larger and louder speakers.

The iPod touch 4th Generation